Studio NaVivo

German and Italian courses in Munich and online

What I do

Studio NaVivo offers lessons, translations, text corrections for German and Italian in Munich and online. The offer ranges from the standard lesson for adults to children specialized lesson or course for companies.

All the offers are valid as individual and group lessons.

My Mission

Teach German and Italian to all the people interested in the language and the culture of these two countries. Studio NaVivo offers interesting and entertaining lessons no matter if you want to learn the language for a short vacation or you have to communicate to your new business partners.

Who I am

My name is Giulia S. Pulizzotto and I am teacher for the languages German and Italian. I’m graduated in linguistics from the LMU University of Munich and have taught in different language schools in Munich. I’m experienced in teaching either for German or Italian, in a group or individual courses.

You can find my main websites at and 


Contact me to find out more or how I can help you better:

Cell: +49 1520 72 20 246


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